What’s your sign?

While laying here, posting in an Aquarian group (my sun sign), I suddenly had a flash:  Should I really be going by my moon sign?  I’ve been a Pagan for over a decade, and am trying to get more in tune with the Feminine.  So, I really should go by my moon sign, as the sun sign is just another masculine aspect of things.  I love claiming myself as an independent, rebellious Aquarian…but it would be fun to be my moon sign, which is the fiery, outgoing Sagittarius!  Rawrrrr.

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Yay, Summer! Let’s sweat and be miserable.

Aaah, the crisp, warm air filling your nostrils as you playfully walk through a pile of leaves on the ground.  It’s cool enough for a light sweater but warm enough as to where you don’t need a coat.  It’s…

record scratch

Oh.  Step back one season.  No, it’s…SUMMER!  You sweat as soon as you step outside, fresh from your first shower of the day (and you’ll need 3 more before bedtime).  If you’re in the south, the humidity will make you all nice and sticky, making you a walking magnet for all breeds of mosquito. 

It’s so damn hot that it’s next to impossible to enjoy anything outdoors, such as the car shows that I love oh so much.  How in the hell can I think about what a cool engine or paint job I’m looking at when the sun is literally sizzling my brain into mush?

While at a car show a month ago, I actually thought of that Twilight Zone episode, where a woman dreams that the Earth got out of orbit and was getting closer and closer to the sun.  Everything melted, then she died a very painful (hot) death.

Well, you say, then wait until nighttime.  Yep, good deal.  Once the sun goes down, mosquitoes and other blood-sucking creatures (vampires included) come out and can’t WAIT to feast upon your deliciousness.  So on goes a whole can of OFF or other repellent, which does repel more than the bugs.

However, without the warmth of the earth and sun combined, we would not have our bountiful harvests come autumn.  There would be no life without the sun period, so I shall still give credit where it’s due.

Plus, the thought of enjoying a nice cool popsicle during a snowstorm isn’t very appealing.


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Horror and porn – it brings families together

If you ever wanted to see a soft porn version of Phantom of the Opera, see Dario Argento’s version. Now, I’m a big Argento fan, along with horror in general, but this was tacky and not even real horror in my opinion. And, to top it off, his own daughter, Asia, was the lead role. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I were a parent, I would not feel comfortable with filming my daughter flashing her tits in front of me every other scene. I also found this a great insult to the one-and-only theatrical Phantom. Dario, I’m deeply disappointed with this one.

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Hello world!

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